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Monday, July 17, 2006

Video of my fake teaching

For our education class we are required to videotape one of our sample lessons and watch it ourselves. All of last week, we prepared lessons and taught them to mini-classes of our teacher-peers to practice teaching without the presence of rowdy students. We would spend the rest of the day observing each others' lessons

The biggest thing I learned from this experience is that teaching is really easy when you don't have students. All of my "students" understood everything I told them, did everything I told them to do, and never misbehaved. I could present my lessons at the exact pace I had planned and get through everything on my lesson plan.

When I start teaching in August, I'm going to have to have much more flexible lesson plans and be prepared for my lessons to take a lot longer. I can't teach the distance formula in the first week if students haven't even learned how to plot points yet. I really hope their Algebra teachers were good.

While I'm teaching, I say "okay" and "alright" too much as filler words that reveal my insecurity. I'm lucky that my voice sounds pretty confident, but I should learn to speak more deliberately and avoid those words of weakness.


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